Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wind Magick - Easy Wind Sock Craft!

Wind Sock Craft

You can make a simple yet beautiful "Wind Sock" to hang in your garden or on your front porch.  Watching it sway and blow in the wind will help you be more aware of the wind and breezes, or the sometimes subtle presence of Sylphs and Wind Sprites or other Air Elementals.  It can be a beautiful addition to your garden or porch, and also an aid in simple wind awareness meditation.

You need;
Construction paper or colored cardstock (scrapbook) paper.
Optional markers and stickers to decorate the paper however you want.
A Stapler and staples
Yarn or string
Streamer Paper (the long ribbons of crate paper used for decorating for parties)

Step 1:  Decorate the paper however you want.  I drew a simple cloud and swirls to represent the four winds, and decorated with stickers of birds, butterflies, fairies and flowers.

Step 2: Roll the paper and use the stapler to fasten it together into a cylinder shape.

Step 3: use a hole punch and put four holes around the top of the cylinder.  Tie the yarn or string into each hole (equal lengths) to make the part you will hang the wind sock up with.

 Step Four: Cut equal lengths of the streamer paper for the "tails" of the wind sock.  Use the stapler to attach the lengths of streamer paper to the bottom portion of the wind sock.

Step 5: Hang your wind sock in your garden or wherever you want and watch it blow in the breeze!

Wind Sock Magick
You can also bless or enchant your wind socks for magickal purposes.  I made a smaller one and decorated it with Air Element Symbols.  I will keep this one inside and hang it over my altar when I am doing Air Element type spells or rituals, when the moon is in an Air Sign, or when I am doing Air Element meditations.  I can open a window or turn on an indoor fan to help it move and bring wind energy inside my home.  You can make different variations for indoor wind socks if you want... get creative and you can make some fro home protection, creativity, fresh air, blessed communication, whatever purpose you desire and hang them inside of windows or where they might move or dance from the air of room fans, vents, ceiling fans, etc.

Wind Sock Wish Spell
Make a wind sock and use it in this simple Wishing spell.  Go back to step 1 of creating your wind sock.  After you have decorated your wind sock, preferably with Air element representations, turn the paper over.  On the side that will be the inside of the cylinder, write your wish.  Be specific because the Air Elementals tend to be very literal.  Write your wishes, take a few deep breaths and visualize those wishes coming true.  Continue with the other steps of making the wind sock.  Then take your wind sock outside and say this prayer as you hang it up;

"Elementals of the Air,
Hear my wish - it is clear!
God and Goddess Blessed Be;
The Wind shall carry my wishes to Thee!
Wind that blows set my wishes free
to return threefold to me!
As I will, so it shall be
An it harm none, So Mote It Be!"

Spend some time sitting and watching your wind sock blow in the breeze.  Visualize the wind blowing through the center of your wind sock, where your wish is written, and taking your wish and carrying it away on the breeze to be granted.  Thank the Air Elementals for helping to carry your wish out to the Divine Spirit.  Every time you see your wind sock blowing in the wind, trust that your wish is in the process of coming true and will be apparent to you soon.

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