Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Ways to Nurture your Inner Child

In keeping with the theme of my previous two blog posts, I thought it would be fun to list 13 ways to Awaken and Nurture your Inner Child!

1. Eat healthy foods.  Think to yourself, would I let a child eat this way?  Chances are, you wouldn't let a child drink that soda or eat that junk food... so why do you let yourself eat that way?

2.  Get enough sleep.  Don't stay up too late!  Again... think of how you would care for a child.  Would you let them stay up this late and then still expect them to go through the next day without being grumpy and sleepy?  Why do we have different expectations for ourselves?

3.  Color!  That's right... get some crayons, markers, or colored pencils and some paper and let yourself draw and color!  This can be very theraputic!  Don't judge your artwork for perfection... once again... would you tell a child that their drawing is not good enough?  No, you would praise them and tell them how beautiful it is!

4. Read a book.  Read something light hearted and fun!  As a child we love a good story, and a good book has the power to transport us to another land or another time.  If you have a favorite book from your childhood, consider re-reading it.  Or, try reading something new!  Your inner child will love a new adventure, fantasy, or mystery novel!

5. Listen to some favorite music from your childhood.  What music reminds you of your childhood?  Music has a powerful ability to awaken the Inner Child by returning us to a time when we felt happy and peaceful.  Find some of that music that takes you back to a happy time in your childhood and listen to it!

6. Watch a movie you enjoyed when you were a child.  We all had a favorite movie, cartoon, or sitcom we loved to watch as a child.  Take some time to find and watch something that makes you smile and laugh... even something that makes you cry!

7. Play outside!  Don't make excuses about the weather... if it's too cold or there is still snow on the gound, bundle up, make a snow man, splash in some rain puddles!  If it's warm, take some time to play in the dirt, get your hands dirty digging for worms, making mudpies, and working in your garden or planting a tree or flowers!  If it's hot outside, put on some sunblock and go swimming or play in the sprinklers!

8. Go to a zoo or museum.  Look at some animals or learn something new!  To a child everything is new and amazing!  Find the joy in learning again!

9. Dance and Sing!  Turn up the music and let yourself dance and sing along!  You can even do this while you're doing housework!  Let yourself bounce and waggle however you want... a child doesn't care if anyone is watching.... so just dance like no one's watching and let yourself laugh and sing!

10. Play Dress-Up.  Every child likes to play dress up!  Find something in your closet you haven't worn for awhile... even that fancy dress or your nice Sunday Suit... put it on and just let yourself feel "Dressed Up" for awhile!  Ladies, Do your hair, paint your nails, do your make up... but do it a little differently than you would normally do it.... let yourself experiment and play the way a little girl plays with her mom's make up!

11.  Look for Fairies.  Find magic in every moment!  You can do this however you choose... it can be as simple as just taking time to notice the magic of a blooming flower or a magical moment in nature, or building a "Fairy House" to welcome the fairies into your home, garden, or yard.

12.  Treat others with kindness and compassion.  Children love pleasing others.  What can you do to bring a smile to someone's face, or warm someone's heart?  Chances are you have multiple opportunities in a day to show random acts of kindness and compassion to people... seize the moment!

13.  Love yourself the way your Gaurdian Angel loves you!  I got this idea from Delia at Open Your Heart Project.  This blog post outlines a simple meditation and awareness activity that will help you to love yourself the way your Gaurdian Angel loves you! - Love Yourself The Way Your Gaurdian Angel Loves You!

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  1. This is amazing. :) I haven't coloured in years. I know a have some crayons around somewhere. Thanks for the uplifting post.