Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Four-Twenty Tuesday

Four-Twenty Tuesday
Mood: Cathardic
Listening to: Madonna
Today I: ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Cramps Suck. Thank the gods for Pamprin. And those cool menstrual heating pad things. Stick a heating pad to the inside of your pants and let the heat melt those cramps away for 8 hours. Seriously, I was considering a trip to the ER, until the pamprin and heating pad kicked in.

Today someone came and fixed the swamp cooler. This may have saved my life today, if not at least my sanity.

I still can't use my dryer. Towels do not get very soft when they dry on a rack in the Arizona sun. My towels all feel crunchy. Drying off after a shower will be more like exfoliating with sandpaper. I will have to learn how to use fabric softener.

I started organizing the office. I should have taken some "Before" pictures, but I didn't think about it. I cleaned the entertainment center, hooked up the printer and DVD player, organized all the board games, and started organizing a bookshelf and some craft supplies. The heating pad, a Frappacino, half a Darvocet, and the nice cool air from the fixed swamp cooler are mostly to thank for this burst of energy and motivation. Soon I will get to the boxes with my tarot decks in them. I could have gotten them out today, but I'm just not feeling ready yet. I want them, but I don't. Hard to explain. Mercury retrograde menstruation has me all upside-down and inside out.

I really enjoyed tonite's episode of Glee, "The Power of Madonna". I folded my crunchy towels and felt sexy.

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