Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gemini Reading Giveway - WINNER!

Hey everyone, remember this post??

I offered up a FREE reading! Well, I'm holding up my end of the bargain... the only problem is, well there are two problems...

1) Apparently not very many of my readers are Geminis! Or, being that they are Gemini's they read this, and then read 10 other interesting things that day, and forgot to come back and sign up. Geminis - the essential ADHD of the zodiac!

2) Also, Gemini people might not be too good at following directions! For my WINNER - MISH - you didn't send me an e-mail! So now how am I to get ahold of you and tell you that you won, and give you your reading?? SO... if you are MISH who commented on the above post, please please please let me know! I would LOVE to give you your reading, and I promise I won't pick on you for being a Gemini... at least not too badly!!



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