Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Lovers & Gemini

The Lovers - the card of the tarot most often thought of as a card of romance... but there is more to this card's meaning than simply "Romantic Love or Relationships". To understand more about this card, let's explore a couple different versions of the card, along with the nature of Gemini; The Lovers' astrological connection.
The Classic meanings of this card are;
*Love, Attraction, Choices, Partnerships, Balance, Duality, Personal Beliefs, Values, Sexuality
The Classic symbols present on the card are; a pair of lovers or twins, nudity, angels, the tree of Knowledge, The tree of Life

Here we find quite a different version of The Lovers in The Fey Tarot, illustrated by Mara Aghem. This card seems to emphasize the opposite natures of the lovers.
From the guidebook by Riccardo Minnetti - "The Lovers represent a union of opposites, an understanding of things which are not made to be alike. Also, the courage and the sweetness of this contact. Coincidence of opposites, love, harmony, union, permeation, comprehension, tolerance. Choice, test, difficulty, seperation, desire attained. To meet, even in diversity; to choose, even in doubt; to love, abandoning oneself to the heart and to life. There is no need to be afraid of the differences or to choose between them, but to percieve how each thing is completed by the other."

In "The Housewives Tarot" by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, we find our lovers in blissful oblivion. Yes, Ignorance Is Bliss, but this looks dangerous! This might serve as a reminder that hopeless devotion shouldn't be hopeless, that selfless love doesn't have to mean giving up your sense of self or individuality!
From the guidebook;
* Romance * Infatuation *
" The Lovers teach us that there is more to romance and relationships than long gazes into eachother's eyes and the thrill of putting out in the back seat of a convertible. Matters of the heart are always complicated, and with love comes many responsibilities and repercussions. Don't be blinded by beauty and physical attraction. Keep your eyes on the road and watch for hazards ahead!"
So, how does all this relate to the astrological sign of Gemini? Let's take a look at the mythology behind the astrological sign which is marked by the constellation of The Twins.
In Greek Mythology, constellation of the Twins was placed in the sky by Zeus, to honor the undying love and loyalty of twin brothers Castor and Pollux. Basically, the story goes that Zeus disguised himself as a beautiful swan in order to seduce the affections of the human queen of Sparta, Leda. Their union led to the birth of the twins, Castor & Pollux, whose sister was Helen of Troy. The brothers were strong and athletic, but both with distinctly different talents. Upon the untimely death of Castor, Pollux bargained with Jupiter for his brother's life, offering his own life in exchange. Zeus found the twin's love and loyalty noble and placed them in the sky to be together forever.
This is obviously not the type of romantic love that is indicated on The Lover's card, - or is it? The Twin brothers were opposites in many ways, and each brought his unique talents and strengths into each battle they faced. When in a relationship, whether it is romantic, business, or family, we must trust in eachother to bring their very best to the relationship. It is a partnership that balances eaqually between each members strengths that will last and be remembered, the way that Castor and Pollux are remembered by their image in the night sky.
Gemini Key Characteristics include;
Energetic, Versatile, Intellectuals who rely on thought & logic more than emotion. Duality, Humanism, Communicative, Superficail, Quick-Witted, Scattered, Curious, Variety-seeking, Easily Distracted, Mobile, Fickle, Spontaneous, Nervous, Mental, Responsive

Gemin's nature is to change. Ever notice how in some situations, around some people, you act differntly? The Lovers in tarot refers to relationships and unions of all kinds. The Lovers also refers to the choices we make in these situations, and the duality or versatility of our nature in each relationship. This is true Gemini behavior & traits. Even if you're not a gemini, we all experience certain traits of all signs to one degree or another, or experience it's influnence as the sun or moon travel through that sign. Look back at the story of Castor and Pollux, at the story of their conception. Zeus transformed himself into a swan in order to win the affections of Leda. Some would say this was trickery, but a Gemini might see this simply as a transformation necessary to achieve one's goal. Gemini is the Mutable Air sign of the Zodiac; the ever-changing, easily adapting, dual natured, Lover of Life.
As the sun transits Gemini and we study The Lovers in depth, ask yourself, "how have I changed in my relationships with others? What sacrifices have I made?" Think of the relation between The Lovers & The Magician and ask yourself, "In what way am I in control of my relationships?" "What path do I want to take now?" "How am I responding within my relationships and unions?"
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