Monday, January 25, 2010

Ask The Oracle - "Cancel, Clear, Delete"

I decided to start the week off by drawing an Oracle Card for some positive advice to carry with me thru the week, and to share with others. Today I used the Angel Therapy Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue.

"Cancel, Clear, Delete"

The picture on this card shows a strong male angel, holding a sword and looking toward the heavens. He is wearing armor, and he is muscular and strong, but you get the feeling that he is getting his true strength from a Higher Power. The wind is blowing back his long hair and white wings, and it looks like it must be a very cooling and refreshing breeze. The bottom of the card says, "Use only positive words and thoughts as they're rapidly manifesting into form. Ask the angels to cancel the effects of past negative thinking."

We have all heard about and even experienced the power of positive thought. Some call it the Law of Attraction, some call it Faith; but no matter what you call it or what you believe - we all know that having positive thoughts and feelings creates positive results. At the same time, we know that negative thinking does not usually create any good results and actually seems to manifest more negativity into our lives. We have all known a "negative ninny" who is constantly complaining about their life, their health, their job, their money, etc. and it's no wonder that things don't seem to get better for them. Maybe there have even been times in our lives when we have embraced the negative pattern for awhile - I know I'm guilty of it too. Negative thinking can quickly become a habit and a pattern, and this is why simply being aware of your thoughts is the first step to turning it around. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, stop and ask God/dess, Angels or your Spirit Guides to "Cancel, Clear, and Delete" the effects of that negative thought. Then try to think of a positive thought to replace it with. It may be hard a first, but you'll get better at it. Here's an example;

You find yourself thinking, "I don't feel good, I am so tired."
Stop. Take a deep breath. "Cancel, Clear, Delete. Angels, please remove the negative effects of my thoughts. Cancel, Clear, Delete."
Now you think of a new way of thinking. "I nurture and take care of my body. I am full of life and vitality!" Now, instead of focusing on being tired or not feeling well, your mind is thinking of ways to change it. You are suddenly inspired to drink water, take vitamins, and maybe take a walk as you repeat to yourself, "I nurture and take care of my body. I am full of life and vitality!"

Now here's what Doreen Virtue says about this card in the Guidebook;
"The angels are asking you to be more aware of what you say, think, and write about yourself. Your past choice of words has blocked you, but fortunately, that barrier is removed the moment you choose positive words. Perhaps nicotine, caffeine, sugar, or other stimulants have caused your mind to race with worry. The angels can help you reduce or eliminate cravings for stimulants. They will calm and clear your mind so you can deliberately choose words that describe your desires instead of old fears.
Action Steps
"If you catch yourself saying something negative (even in jest), stop and sweep your hand at your wrist in order to push the energy of your words away from you. Then say "Cancel, Clear, Delete!" to undo the effects of negative affirmations. This is similar to rebooting your computer by simultaneously pushing the control, alt, and delete keys. By saying "Cancel, clear, delete!", you let the universe know of your positive and clear outlook for yourself. You ensure that any previous negative affirmations won't manifest into form; instead they'll be replaced by our new, radiant intentions."


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