Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly Housewife's Report 1/8/10

Well, here I am. We moved into the house last week, and I have been working on unpacking, organizing, and cleaning. In the next blog I will post more about the situation with the house, but it comes down to this; the sale isn't final yet and we don't know how long we will stay here. Hopefully forever. It FEELS like home....

Anyways, I haven't done a Weekly Housewife's Report in awhile, and I am sitting here thinking about my week. It has gone by so quickly, and I am exhausted. I can feel myself fighting off a cold, I have upped the vitamins and water intake to try and prevent a stress related illness from bringing me down. But what I really need is sleep. Once I review the week, put it all into perspective, maybe I can find a sense of accomplishment to take to bed with me. Maybe tonite I can sleep rather than laying awake with a brain spinning with worries and "to do's".

Sunday. Get up earlier than I am used to (6:30) so that I can be ready for work and leave the house by 7:20. It now takes 25 or 30 minutes to drive to work, rather than 8 minutes. Work is uneventful, and not very satisfying. After wrk, drive to the old apartment. Mom & Dad are there waiting for me. We spend 2 hours packing the remaining furniture into the van and dad's truck. another 30 minutes to tie the box spring of my bed onto the top of my van, and then drive slowly and carefully back to the house. Dinner with family and parents. Parents camp out on the livingroom floor (UHG!)

Monday. Get up around 7. Make coffee, breakfast for the kids and parents. Husband is already gone, he leaves for work at 4 am. Mom and Dad have stayed so I can use the car to drive the girls to school for their 1st day at the new school. But first I have to find out what school they go to. The district has been closed over Christmas Break. 8:00 - call the district, get the number for the new school. 8:30 - drive to the school with the girls, paperwork in hand, only to find ot that they won't be able to attend for their 1st day until Tuesday, after I have filled out more paperwork. Also discover that the school requires uniforms, which I will have to buy. Back home, filling out paperwork until 11. Lunch. Cleaning house (you would not believe the dust and grime in here, for crying out loud they just moved out 2 weeks ago but this place is coated with years of dust!) Shopping for clothes, thanks to my mom. Parents leave, Husband comes home. Drive around trying to pick up a MoneyGram from a friend, later to find out it was never sent. Borrow money from a different friend instead. I hate this.

Tuesday. The friend who loaned me money also loaned me her car, so I could again attempt to take the girls to their first day at their new school. Class starts at 8, meet the teachers etc. Take little X home. Grocery shopping. More Cleaning. Thankfully, the girls get off the bus after school smiling and saying the LOVE their new school. This is the highlight of my week.

Wednesday. We now wake up at 6:00 am every day, so that the girls can be at the Bus Stop by 7:15. None of us are used to getting up this early yet. At the apartment, school started at 9, and the girls would walk to school around 8:30. 8:45. Getting up before 7:30 wasn't necessary. Now here we are, walking to the end of the street at 7:10 am. It's not that bad, really, I'm just complaining because I'm so tired. Another day of cleaning, unpacking a few things, puttng things in proper places. Homework with the girls after they get home. Dinner, baths, bed. *sigh*

Thursday. 6:00, up. 7:10, out the door. 8:30, cleaning house. Feeling worn down, not doing much. 12:00, take a nap. Blah. Walk to the bus stop to pick up the girls, walk back home, homework, cleaning, dinner. I was waiting for a friend to come over, so I showered and put on make up. I was looking forward to seeing this close friend from high school who I hadn't seen in 11 years. He didn't come. To bed, dissapointed.

Friday. 6:45. Oh crap, the alarm on my phone didn't go off. wake the kids, hurry up and eat and get dressed, make it to the bus stop just in time. Home again. Cleaning. Unpacking, organizing. Cleaning. Homework with the girls. Husband gets home, and I drive to find the laundromat. An hour and a half doing laundry at a South Side of Phoenix laundromat... feeling like a Gringa... I need to brush up on my Spanish. it's 8:20 now. I am so tired. I wish I could sleep in tomorrow, but I have to go to work in the morning. Then back to the apartment one last time to finish cleaning, grab whatever might have been left behind, turn in the keys.

On the bright side, the kitchen is looking great. This week Via FlyLady, the Zone of the Week was the kitchen. So I focused on unpacking and cleaning that. It seemed like a perfect place to start, the other stuff can wait but he kitchen, well that's central to the home. I detail dusted the cabinets and drawers, mopped and re-mopped the kitchen tile, found places for the dishes, spices, food, etc. I love this kitchen - it's so roomy with lots of storage space and cooking space. Here it is, spic and span!

And, despite the fact that it's not yet put away, I feel satisfied that even without a washer or dryer, 4 loads of laundry are cleaned.

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  1. Your kitchen looks great! Uggghh. I can't imagine being out the door each morning by 7:10. That's pretty darn early. I'm sure you'll all adjust though, and pretty soon, it will just seem normal.

    Get some good sleep!