Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tarot Journal - Knight of Wands

Josephine’s Tarot Journal, November 3 - Knight of Wands

To be honest, I have a problem with Court Cards. I am finally beginning to understand how to interpret their meaning in a reading, but still get stumped. Tonight as I shuffled the cards, I was thinking about how this whole day was wasted. My motivation and inspiration seem to be gone completely, and thru the day I keep thinking about yesterday’s card, the Queen of Pentacles. Why is it that when I set a goal, I tend to drag myself down? When I try to quit smoking, I end up smoking more. When I see my highest personal potential, I backtrack to a lower potential. So as I shuffled, I asked the Universe, what message does the Queen of Pentacles have for me? What should I do to allow myself to really embrace her as my true self? I got the Knight of Wands.

Air and Fire. Idea and Action combined. The Knight of Wands is confident - perhaps overly confident. He clearly has a goal in mind and is inspired to chase after it, no matter what the risks may be. This Knight doesn’t seem to be the type to over think things, but begins to take action soon after the idea is formed, willing to act on his inspiration. Perhaps today I was over thinking things way too much. I am tired, and I am reaching a point where I need to take it easy physically (thanks to Mother Nature’s monthly gift which should arrive shortly.) But today I gave up on myself too soon. I could have found a project within my home; something to appease the desire to be nurturing and creative, but instead I waste my time. The more time I wasted the more I over-thought things, dwelling on my failure rather than possibilities. Action is the answer. I know from personal experience that sometimes the large goals will overwhelm me, and that it’s best to take “Baby Steps” or just do things one thing at a time. It think today I was thinking of the big picture and dwelling on everything I should be doing as a mother and housewife as one huge impossible goal. If I had just picked one thing and done it, then the feeling of accomplishment would have fed my inspiration; and then I could have moved on to something else. I just have to keep moving. The Knight of Wands doesn’t rest, if one thing isn’t working he will think of a new plan or idea and then take action. He doesn’t think it through - which makes him reckless and adventurous; sometimes a downfall. But it is better than doing nothing and failing by default.

I also feel like this card is telling me to exercise. I am restless being at home all day with my pre-schooler and we both get bored and need an outlet. Even though I enjoy my outlet of reading, writing, and the internet, it doesn’t help my feeling of restlessness. Doing something active like taking a walk, playing outside with my son, or otherwise being physically active are something I need to incorporate into my daily life. When I was working full-time I was more active. My hours were cut back at work, which has increased my financial stress, but I did nothing to replace the physical activity, and that was a mistake. I need to get active again, and this Knight of Fire and Air has reminded me of that.

I am going to make a list of my goals for tomorrow and break it down into small sections that I can tackle one at a time. Just doing something and being moderately active will help me to feel better, and once I start to feel like I am contributing to the home environment and filling that role of a mother, I should be able to find myself in the Queen of Pentacles again.


  1. Love your site!
    I've added you to the list of people who get an extra entry into the "31 Days of Yule Contest".

    Why can't I find your button? I want to put it up on my blog. It could be because I've already taken my sleeping pills, and the button code is sitting right in front of my face:) Let me know!

  2. I just wanna say, first, I missed you!!! Second, I'm so sorry that even in the eye of the cards, you still have days where your stumped. I envy your knowledge with the cards as well as thank you for it. I would love to be able to read cards. YOur awsome andn I hope things have been better for you these days.