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Tarot Journal - Queen of Pentacles; my Personal Potential Card

Josephine’s Tarot Journal - Nov. 2 2009 - Queen of Pentacles

This is another card that is in my Tarot Profile. The court card that is related to my Sun Sign, it is called my “Personal Potential Card”. A person’s Personal Potential card can show them their greatest strengths, and the possibilities of what they can become. When I look at this card, knowing it’s meanings, I see both reflections of myself as I am, and aspects that I would like to have. I also see some negative traits that I would like to overcome, and these are described by this card’s reversed or negative meanings. The Queen of Pentacles is close to Mother Earth, she is crafty, creative, and nurturing. She is probably the “ultimate mom” of the Tarot (other than the Empress), and though I know my parenting skills need some work and fine tuning, I can relate. Being a mom has helped me mature, and it keeps me grounded and responsible. I guess one way I could examine this card and how it relates to me as my Personal Potential card is to make a list of character strengths and weaknesses. In therapy or counseling sessions, a therapist will ask you to make a list of what you perceive to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses…what better way to do that then to compare and contrast with your Personal Potential card?

The Queen of Pentacles’ Strengths;

She is Nurturing - Mothering, good with children and animals, Supportive. I am a good mother, but I feel that I could be much better. I could be more patient, more supportive, and more nurturing. I think I lose my patience too easily and often expect much of my children, but I will do anything to make sure they have a comfortable and loving home environment.
She is Bighearted - will do anything thing for others, is generous, warm and welcoming. It’s true, I won’t turn away a friend and will do anything in my power to help them if they need it. I love being a generous hostess, and I enjoy my job in the service industry because I find it very rewarding. But I have learned to be more cautious and have curbed my generosity as I have gotten older, because I have repeatedly been used and taken advantage of. I do not like the feeling of not trusting people, it doesn’t come naturally to me, and I hope to eventually be able to trust people again.

The Queen of Pentacles is trustworthy - loyal, true to her word, and keeps secrets and confidences. She is naturally trusting of others and therefore is trusted by others in return. While I think of myself as an extremely loyal person, I haven’t always been so trustworthy. Maybe this is one of the aspects of my Personal Potential that I have had to grow into. There are times in my past that I am ashamed of because of my dishonesty or gossiping, but I feel I have grown into a much more trustworthy adult. People often come to me with their problems seeking advice or just someone to listen to, and I put that trust and respect on the highest platform and will do whatever I can to not only help them, but keep their trust.

The Queen of Pentacles is Down To Earth - she is realistic, sensible, accepting of people for who they are, and has a matter-of-fact way of finding solutions or handling life. I think sometimes people who know me can find me rather abrasive or seemingly cold-hearted, but this isn’t really true. It can seem that way because of my Capricorn personality detachment; which is really just my way of looking at things in a down to earth and matter-of fact kind of way. The shortest distance between two points is the direct, straight path. To me, the simplest, most sensible approach is always the obvious answer. I like to have all the facts before I develop an opinion, and my friends will wonder why I don’t automatically take their side. I can be rather blunt and have a “tell it like it is” attitude when I am asked for advice, and I know this can come across as cold or mean sometimes but in reality, I wouldn’t be that honest and matter of fact with someone if I didn’t care. It’s truly out of love, but I think that the Queen of Pentacles; while Mothering and Nurturing, is probably a believer in “Tough Love”. She is, after all, a Capricorn.

The Queen of Pentacles is resourceful - versatile, creative, handy, and not one to easily give up. She is thrifty and responsible with her resources, will come through in a pinch, and make due with what is available. Though I often stress about money and finances, I can be pretty good at managing a budget and making things work. Just tonight I was so proud of myself for the way I stretched my grocery money. There have been times I have managed to make a little bit go a long way (or at least a little farther) - like this morning when I noticed we were almost out of milk - rather than using it all for the kid’s cereal, I watered it down just enough to make sure that there would be enough left over to make lunch with later on. No one noticed the difference, and I saved myself the hassle of running out too early. These are simple examples from my day but the Queen of Pentacles is just showing me how like her I really am. :o)

There are some times in a tarot reading when the negative aspect of a card will be indicated, sometimes through reversal, and sometimes through placement, and so I think the negative aspects can be important in a Personal Potential card as well. While it’s great to look at the positive potential of what I can become, I think it is also important to accept that every coin has it’s flip side; The Queen of Pentacles has the potential to become messy, lazy, slovenly, or even fanatic about housework. I can see how these are dangers of what I could become. When I get depressed or stressed out, I get lazy, messy, apathetic. Sometimes when I have spent a lot of time and energy cleaning the house, I will get really picky about it and get rather obsessed with it, and this could easily turn fanatical if I let it get out of control. The Queen of Pentacles can be materialistic, selfish, disloyal, Helpless, lacking self-confidence, and she can even become so self involved that she no longer nurtures others or takes care of herself. These descriptions of the negative or reversed aspects of this card all reflect how I have been at one point or another in my past. In my darker days when I was lost and wandering, I was all of these things, and much less of the good. Looking at this card in this way shows me how much I have grown and the positive changes I have made, but it also serves to warn me. Because I could easily fall down this path again if I let myself. I can be selfish and self-involved. I do sometimes find myself thinking with a victim attitude of helplessness. I can become obsessed with finances and materialistic. To embrace my role as The Queen of Pentacles in my life, I should strive to adapt and nurture all of her positive traits within myself, and guard against slipping into the negative traits or patterns. And even if I do slip from time to time, I just need to remember how far I have come and that my true potential is not that hard of a goal to grasp, in the long run.

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