Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday's Thirteen - Starstruck!

I haven't done a "Thursday Thirteen" in a while now, but I figured since I am currently obsessed with the tarot card The Star, this would give me the perfect excuse to go web-hunting for different variations on this card! So I searched high and low and here are the 13 versions of The Star that I found to share!!

1) Beautiful in it's simplicity, here is a digital image of The Star, much like the Rider-Waite version, and including the imagery of a young maiden pouring water into a stream and onto the earth. The Sunrise represents hope and renewal, and the 8 pointed star, which represents cosmic order and radiant energy. Artist/Deck unknown.

2) Harry Potter Tarot - this is an unpublished deck by Laura Freeman. A bit different from the classic image, this artist choose the image and symbolism of The Phoenix - a mythical creature that is in a constant state of rebirth and regeneration - very appropriate for The Star card, although in this deck it is called "Hope". 3) The Thoth deck shows the naked Egyptian goddess Nut. Her right hand is held high, and she pours water from a gold cup onto her head. Her left hand is held low, and she pours the immortal liquor of life from a silver cup onto the junction of land and water. Behind her is a celestial globe on which is a seven-pointed Star of Venus. In the left-hand corner is a seven-pointed Star of Babalon. This card represents hope and promise. The imagery suggests Jung's archetype of the star. According to von Franz (Boa, 1992) Jung taught that the star symbolizes that part of the personality that survives death; the spiritual part of the psyche.
4) Here is a photoshopped version of The Star, though I don't know the artist or the deck. Though it lacks some of the classic symbolism, the Maiden with her vessel of sparkling water of life is still present. Perhaps the 3-leafed clovers represent the feelings of Luck that come with Youth and Hope, but I have a hard time finding the sense of Purity and Renewal here - perhaps the city setting that looks like New York or Las Vegas just spoils the mood for me.

5) All I could find about this card is that it was created by an artist known as "14 Fourteen", but I don't know if she has created a whole deck or just a few cards. What I do know is that I LOVE this card! From the interesting star (suspended by a hook) that seems to be staving
off the darkness to the best of it's ability, to the maiden who seems to be haphazardly pouring her water, to the small creatures gathered around her, I could explore the imagery of this card all day!
6) You all know by now that I have an affinity for The Housewive's Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum. Here we find The Star translated as Success and Victory, and finally getting the recognition for your hard work. Winning that blue ribbon sure looks invigorating, and I bet this housewife goes home with a renewed sense of self and finds inspiration to try new recipes!
7) 'The Stars' from The Fey Tarot, illustrated by Mara Aghem. Now this is refreshing. I can almost feel ans smell the crisp night air, and the inspired hope and vitality of this young Fey. The stars seem to be falling right into her skin, as she absorbs their light to take with her on whatver journey may lie ahead.

8) The Star / Aquarius from The Celestial Tarot by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark. I blogged more about this card last week, Here

9) The Voyager Tarot by James Wanless. I wouldn't know where to begin with the multitude of symbols in this multi-media creation. This deck is purely amazing!
10) Unknown - this simple artists sketch seems to capture Hebe, the Greek Goddess of Youth and Vitality, who poured the waters of life for the Olympians and mankind alike.
11) Beautiful, refreshing, and Hopefull, here is The Star from The Gaian Tarot. Gazing into the pool, and perhaps even drinking from it, I feel that this card represents the way that the Waters of Life are available to all of us... we can all find renewal and hope if we just look and ask. This deck is set to be published in September of 2011 by Llewellyn Worldwide... it will be on my Wish List for sure!
12) Another deck unknown to me, but very beautiful and I thought it deserved a place here. The Star is present, as well as the imagery of water... though it's hard to tell if the setting is above water or under water. Does our hope and vitality come from within us or around us? Does it matter?

13) I am trying to finout what deck this is... it may not be part of a whole deck but simply an artist interpretation of this card. The only clue I have is that the artist may be known as "Sanja", and I found her website at DeviantArt. Simple and Beautiful, the feelings of Youth and Hope are easily seen in this card.


  1. Wonderful lesson.
    Have a great day.

  2. omg Harry Potter tarot!
    I want.

    The last one is gorgeous - let me know if you find out what it is.

  3. My friend gave me Tarot cards a few years ago and I don't know what to do with them. They're so intriguing though! Happy TT! Mine's up over at

  4. 52 faces - I've been searching, and from what I can find, #13 isn't a complete deck, but was just this artist playing around with photo manipulation... here's the link ( I am going back to edit this post and add the link now!

  5. The Aquarius cards really spoke to me.

    This was a great lesson for me, listening to you describe each of these and the things you see.


  6. I've, for years, wanted to get into learning Tarot....looking at cards and skimming through books but never have. Now seeing this post makes me wanna learn more!!

    Hope your day has been terrific. And as always, thank for visiting!!

  7. I use the Mother Peace deck. The star is a good draw.

  8. Oh, my goodness, I loved these! I use the Dragon deck and when I have a minute, I'm going to go meditate on my Star.


  9. I just wanted to de-lurk and say I loved this post. Thank you so much for sharing all these lovely cards. I've dabbled a tiny bit with wanting to learn Tarot, buying a few books and I have several decks, but somehow was always too busy. I've been saying that now for a decade but your blog is such an inspiration for me to start making the time.