Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Turn Around Tuesdays - The Idol Psychic!

In another attempt to continue with the Tuesday meme of Turn Around Tuesdays, I have an exciting blog to share with you today!

I first have a confession - I must admit that my family and I have all become Idol Addicts. We begin to get giddy and sometimes hyperventilate in December each year when the comercials and previews for the next season of American Idol begins. We all become voice and music critics for a few months out of the year as we watch the contestants and state our opinions; either agreeing with or disagreeing with the judges. I found myself having the tough job of comforting my 10 year old daughter when she found out that Paula Abdul would not be a judge this year. Yes, tears were involved - I won't say who's.

So, what better blog to "Turn Around" this Tuesday, as we enter Hollywood Week??

The Idol Psychic - of course!!

Corrine Kenner; author of "Tarot For Writers", and "Simple Fortune Telling with Tarot Cards", brings us a weekly live blog in which she will pull cards for contestants and give predictions in a fun and witty way. Now I can have my obsessions with Tarot and Idol satisfied at the same time! Thanks, Corrine!

((Don't forget, come check out Turn Around Tuesdays at The Soccer Mom's Guide to Wicca!))


  1. Ha! How cute. :)

    I'll confess though...I've been disillusioned with Idol for probably 4 or 5 years now.

    I watch..sorta. But my enthusiasm is lagging.

    Nevertheless, I think this blog sounds fun. :)

  2. As a trained singer, I have to say that hearing someone sing off-key gives me apoplectic fits:) I've caught the tail-end of the show now and again, and have heard some great singers, but it's hard for me to get involved when I'm not watching the show all the way through - I don't get emotionally invested, and that's the fun part of reality shows, at least for me.

    I do know that the show has rabid fans, however, and this website does look like fun!