Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pisces and The Moon

Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling more introspective and spiritual lately? Not only that, all of my desires to indulge in lazy, self destructive behavior seem to be on overdrive. It’s like I’m flitting back and forth between being here and…. Somewhere else…..

I think it’s the effects of the sun in Pisces. Even people who don’t have a Pisces Sun or Moon in their Natal Charts must still feel the effects of the sun transiting through this sign; this mutable watery powerhouse of the Zodiac! We feel the effects of Mercury traveling thru the signs, as well as the moon, Saturn, etc…. so why not the sun? For some reason, in this respect it’s a less talked-about theme. When we talk about the Sun, we talk about Sun Signs; “What’s your sign?” as if the only important time of our life involved with the Sun is where it was when we were born. It can be easy to forget that all of us - as a whole (or at least as a hemisphere) feel the influences of the Sun passing through each sign no matter what our birthday is. And certainly, depending on the Pisces/Neptune influence in our specific Natal Charts - we all feel these effects in a distinctly different way. (It’s for these reasons that here on my website and other websites and at home, I study the tarot cards as they are related to current astrological events.)

XVIII The Moon

Pisces is such a conflicted sign; the last sign of the Zodiac. Aries as the first sign of the Zodiac inspires and compels us, gives drive and leadership to take command of our lives. Much like Aries, Pisces drives us and impels us; but inward and upward rather than forward. The image of the two fish swimming opposite directions, yet bound by twine, tells the story. At this point in the Zodiac story, it is an ending and yet a beginning. The two aspects of the soul; the physical and the spiritual, are connected yet not always working together. If you have ever known a Pisces Sun individual, you know that they can be so compassionate and in many ways have a raised vibration and higher consciousness, but inside they are conflicted and fight their own personal demons in a very dramatic way.

Some Pisces Key Characteristics;
Sentimental, Subtle, Vague, Visionary, Impractical,
Artistic, Illusory, Psychic, Self-Deceiving, Addictive.
Sensitive, Vulnerable, Imaginative, Escapist, Compassionate,

The tarot card associated with Pisces is The Moon (XVIII). (try not to let this confuse you - Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, and I’ll get to that later!) In tarot, the 18th Major Arcana card, The Moon, is related to the concepts of secrets, inner demons, emotional battles, intuition, Yin feminine energy, psychic abilities, and spiritual or etheric experiences and events. The Moon teaches us the principle of Introspection and Personal Integrity, and the card’s key words and concepts are; Reflection, Shadow, hidden enemies, darkness, intuition, romance, wax and wane, ebb and flow, secrets, the unconscious, and the Supernatural or Spiritual realms. Though the moon itself is astrologically related to Cancer, the tarot card “The Moon” has it’s own distinct set of attributes, which can easily be connected to the Pisces and all that this sign represents!! The Moon asks us to examine the inner, secret, or “dark” areas within; because with true understanding and acceptance of all aspects of ourselves, we can transcend the physical limitations of life and experience spiritual harmony. This of course, is at odds with our human nature to live in the physical, material existence that we know. In the dark of night, under the light of the moon, our senses are heightened and we become aware of things in a new way. This heightened awareness can also bring to the surface our fears and anxieties; of which at some point in our life we will have to face these fears and “demons” or succumb to their destruction. The Moon also reminds us to pay attention to patterns within our life. Are we unnecessarily repeating the same patterns over and over? Are we using the natural cycles of our life to our advantage, or are we working against these natural ebbs and flows? We must cut through the surface to reveal the true inner nature of things before we can really understand them. But this isn’t about using logic or science to find our answers. The mysterious answers that are revealed by the light of the Moon are those we feel with our vibes, our intuition, and our instincts.

In Astrology, the planetary ruler of Pisces is Neptune; the planet of Spirituality, Mystery, Illusion, the subconscious world, Imagination, Artistic Vision, and Psychic Abilities. So you can see where Pisces gets it’s mystical qualities. The positive influences of Neptune are; Transcendental, Spiritual, Mystical, Creative, Compassionate, Dreaming, and Inspirational. The negative or adverse energies of Neptune are Deception, Confusion, Fraud, Treachery, Addiction, Self-pitying or self-deceiving, Addictive, and Escapist or Delusional.

Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th House of the Zodiac; the House of Secrets, Sorrows, and Self-Undoing. Pisces energy teaches us that we are in control of our destiny and our life. It is the choices we make, or don’t make, and the decisions we choose which will either lead us to our own undoing, our sweet victory and personal ascension. Just like the tarot card, The Moon, compels us to face our fears and uncover the secret depths of our lives and ourselves in order to move forward as a more fully balanced being; balanced just like Night and Day. Balanced between our physical and spiritual selves. The pillars or towers depicted in the Rider-Waitte version of this card show the balance that can be reached, just as the two fishes, though swimming in opposite directions, create an equal and balanced energy. The path on the card that leads us to these pillars takes us on a journey in which we must face our own fears, faults, shortcomings, and secrets. But as you know, the more tests and challenges we face through life, the stronger we become.

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