Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Turn Around Tuesdays - The Aquarius Papers

I don't have one specific blog post here to talk about, because I think this blog as a whole is entrancing and beautiful. Maybe I'm biased because it is written by my brother. But see for yourself and see what you think of The Aquarius Papers.

Simple truths, thoughts about God and Humanity. Beautiful pictures, poetry, random thoughts. You never know what Prometheus will blog about from one day to the next, and neither does he. He just promised himself to write something every day, to take a picture every day. It all started out like this; "
How To Not Need Anything"

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog, and possibly even subscribe to it! This post has been brought to you by "Turn Around Tuesdays". No squirrels were injured in the creation of this post, though they may try to tell you differently.
Turnaround Tuesdays


  1. I have to be honest...I injured one squirrel in the creation of Turn-around Tuesdays this week, but I apologized profusely and have been forgiven. Does that count?

    I'm on my way over to your brother's blog. I'm so glad you're taking part!


  2. The squirrel probably had it coming, but I'm glad you have been forgiven! Thx for posting this week! Keep 'em coming!