Friday, March 19, 2010

Tarot Spread - Pisces ~ I Believe ~

The Pisces Spread

__-1-___ - 4 - __

-2- __-7- __-5-

__-3-___ -6-__

1) My Idealism
2) My willingness to sacrifice
3) my Spiritual Experience
4) my Addiction to.....
5) My Current Secret Enemies
6) My Prison (Where am I bound / stuck ?)
7) What will deliver me of my burdens?

This spread can be used for anyone, Pisces or not. It can help you explore your own individual Pisces energy; which focuses on your spirituality, the hidden aspects of yourself, your idealism, and what parts of life trap you or bind you. This spread can also be used to further explore the meanings of both The Moon card and The Hanged Man card in you life. You can read my previous posts about The Moon; Pisces And The Moon, Journaling with Pisces and The Moon, and Lunar Liberation , then use this spread as part of your meditation or journaling with this card. Alternatively, if you get either The Moon or The Hanged Man in a different tarot reading, this spread may help you clarify their meaning in your life at this time.

This spread ad illustration are from the book; "Illustrated Tarot Spreads" by H. Pielmeier and M. Schirner

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