Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebrity Deaths

Well, it is said that deaths usually happen in 3's . This week we have had three major celebrity deaths, shocking the airwaves and cluttering up the Twitter and FaceBook world. First there was Ed McMahon - many of us grew up with him on tv, and hoped that someday he would come knock on our door with a huge check for a million dollars. His presence in TV land will be missed. Then, this morning we found out about Farrah Fawcet. Amazing actress and sex symbol of the 70's and 80's. She will not only be remembered for her amazing hair, but for her strength and positivity during her struggle with cancer. Then there is Michael Jackson who died of a heart attack this afternoon at the age of 50. His music influenced a whole generation, and although his life was controversial and strange, he should be remembered as a revolutionary pop-artist and musician, and let's not forget his dance skillz!!
I know that not everyone is a fan of Michael and his music, especially in lieu of all his escapades and shennanigans that have been aired over the media in the past. His strange mansion full of exotic animals, his strange appearance and behavior, and the allegations against him as a pedophile. You certainly didn't catch me praising him over the past few years, and I definatley had my opinions about him as well. But something caught my attenton today. During the buzz about his death, people are still trash-talking!! Seriously, what is wrong with you people? I am not saying we should forgive him of all his transgressions, but let it go!! The man is dead, he died tragically and suddenly at the young age of 50!! Let's celebrate the good memories that we have, the good music that we have, and let him Rest In Peace!! His family is grieving, and I have heard people say; "Well, he got what was coming to him", and "Was it drugs?" and "He was an evil man, I hope he died in a humiliating way, like on the toilet." (yes, I really heard someone say that.) I mean, would you say that if it was a family member, even if that family member was a horrible person? No, you would try to find something nice to say in their memory. Just because someone is a celebrity and has had their life aired out for all to see does not mean that they "deserved to die" any more than the next person, and it certainly doesn't mean that they deserve any less respect in death. When you say "R.I.P." on your facebook page, do you mean it? Can you actually let them Rest In Peace and resist the urge to spit on thier grave?


  1. I totally agree w/ the MJ trash talking. Come on ppl this man has children that now have to grow up without their father.Give it a break alreay!

    I grew up listening to him and even use to say I was going to marry him someday...yes I am a dork. No one knows what the man went through to make him act out the way he did. No one but himself knew what it was like to live every single day of his life in the eye of the public. So when I say RIP I really mean it and I really hope he can.

  2. Thanx Dana for commenting!
    People can't judge him... because honestly, it's probably "People" - crazed fans, media, and stardom, that made him the way he was and created so many problems in his life. Not many people would be strong enough to deal with that! Listen to "Man In The Mirror" and "We Are The World" and send out some love!!
    ~ Mama Josephine