Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Look ---> I've got a Blog!

I wanted a place where I can write my random thoughts and experiences, of all the random thoughts and experiences that I have. I'm all over the place when it comes to the internet. There's my Tarot website and Blog, but that is reserved for Tarot-ish talk. I'm really over MySpace. I mean, that is just so 90's, LOL!! I still use it for finding good bands and listening to music, but to tell the truth, I hardly log onto my MySpace at all anymore. I've got my FaceBook - but I don't feel like I can be totally open or "me" there, due to certain family and friends I have on my feed. (Don't judge me; yes I'm a semi-closeted witch, but I'm sure we'll get into the family thing eventually here) Then I have my alternate FaceBook - which I use for my Tarot Reading website / persona. While I am more open there about my beliefs, under my mask of anonymity, I doubt that those certain friends and clients would like to hear about my mundane and sometimes T.M.I. rants on parenting and housewife-ing. Then I've got my CafeMom - OMGs I LOVE CafeMom!! The perfect place for talking about the kids, getting or giving advice on parenting, and reading all about other mom's Baby-Mama-Drama. And while I'm quite addicted to and quite happy journaling away on CafeMom, I somehow still felt I needed my own space to be me.

I love to write, I think that sometimes I have something important to say. Sometimes what I say is unimportant but needs to be heard - or read, anyways.

So Here I am. What shall I talk about first?

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