Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zadkiel, Sandalphon & Raphael

Angel Reading 6/30/09
"Archangel Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

For today's Daily Draw I decided to use my Archangel Oracle Card deck.

Archangel Zadkiel; Clairaudience
Archangel Sandalphon; Gentleness
Archangel Raphael; Healthy Lifestyle

Card 1; The Origins of my situation - Clairaudience
I have definatley come a long way in learning to listen. I have had to struggle to be able to accept guidance and advice from others, and most of all I have struggled to listen to my inner voice, and my spirit guides or angels. I think this card is reminding me to listen to all of those things; to listen with my heart, and truly hear the messages within me and around me. I also feel that Zadkiel is asking me to listen to my children, for I can learn more about my parenting and their needs if I truly listen to them, even in play. Zadkiel says; "Notice the loving guidance you hear inside your mind, and from other people. You're hearing true Divine guidance very clearly. It comes in the form of repetitious messages, urging you to improve a situation for yourself or others."

Card 2; The Truth of my situation - Gentleness
I have been craving gentleness. I want my home life to be laid back, happy, and loving, but too often it is loud, chaotic, and crazy. I mean, what can I do? I have three kids, it's summer vacation, and we're stuck at home all day with no car. Sandalphon is reminding me that Gentleness and Peace have to start with me. My actions and reactions will set the tone. And most of all, I should be gentle with myself. I am guilty of being much too hard on myself as a mom; judging myself far more harshly than others would. Sandalphon says; "Be very gentle with yourself at this time. Surround yourself with gentle people, situations, and environments. Listen to gentle music, talk quietly, and engage in slow, rythmic movements such as yoga or swaying to music. Don't engage in battles at this time. Instead, retreat from conflict while you revive your spirit and become even stronger. You'll know exactly what to do when you emerge from your gentle retreat."

Card 3; The Highest Goal of my situation - Healthy Lifestyle
I go back and forth between trying to eat and live a healthier way, and not seeming to care about my health at all. I think that Raphael is reminding me that if I listen to my inner guidance and am willing to accept help or advice from others, and if I am gentle with myself, it will be easier for me to have a Healthy Lifestyle. In the meantime, I need to make sure I get enough sleep, drink more water, and eat properly. I know this will make a huge difference in my life; I just need to commit myself to it; without being harsh on myself but just giving gentle guidance. Archangel Raphael says; "Eat a healthful diet, get adequate sleep, and excersize
regularly for optimal health. You are co-creating your health by following your inner guidance about lifestyle habits. I give you inner nudges to improve the way you eat, or to excersize or rest more often. When you take excellent care of your body, your outlook and self esteem naturally blossom

My Prayer;
" I ask the angels, my spirit guides, and The God and Goddess to guide me in listening to my heart and hearing the messages you have for me. I trust in my clairaudience and know that what I hear is true Divine Guidance. I ask for your help in showing a true spirit of Gentleness to my family and myself. Peace starts with me; in my actions and reactions. With guidance and gentlesness of spirit, I am ready and willing to make changes in my life that will benefit my health. I deserve good health and I have the self discipline and self love to make choices that will empower me towards a Healthy Lifestyle! In Love and Light I accept these blessings and messages in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust."

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