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Gaia, Tarot, and Me (XXI The World)

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Gaia, Tarot, and Me (XXI The World)

Of all my years of being a Pagan and Wiccan, I have never fully aligned myself with any certain Pantheon or Archetype when it comes to Gods and Goddesses. I have usually felt most comfortable just calling upon the Great Lord and Lady along with the Elements and Watchtowers to guide me. I am ecclectic and therefore find myself drawing from different archetypes depending on my needs or feelings at the time; and most often the goddesses I call upon are those whom represent mothering aspects, such as Gaia, Demeter, Brigid, and Diana. I have always been most comfortable with any aspect of Goddess that is aligned with the cycles of the Moon and the Earth and seasons, and motherhood, probably because I am a mother myself; it is such a main part of who I am!!

Off and on I will decide to do some further research on Gaia - the Mythology behind this ultimate Earth Goddess is fascinating to me; and when I joined the school as a basic member my enthusiasm for this particular Goddess was re-awakened when I found the course; Goddess Studies; Gaia. So once again I study this Goddess; this time in a structured "Class" environment. I am hoping that this class wll help me more clearly understand my connection and calling to Gaia, and help me understand her more fully.I have always been obsessed with Tarot cards. It is the one area of study that I never really put down; while my other interests are fleeting and I will go thru phases of learning, Tarot is always there, it is a part of me. So when I want to learn something new, I find it easier to look at it thru the eyes of Tarot cards and readings. When I started learning about astrology, I found it easier if I knew the tarot correspondences to certain signs and planets, as I could then apply them to a field wich I understood personally. So today I was thinking; what Tarot Card would be associated with Gaia? At first I thought maybe The Empress; the ultimate Mother. In most decks she appears as pregnant and full of life; and image I can easily associate with Gaia. But this correspondence seemed incomplete. After some searching and cross-referencing, I found what I was looking for. DUH!! Gaia is realted to card 21; The World!

I had an epiphony. So many thoughts and feelings came rushing over me, as I said my relationship with Tarot cards is very personal and just understanding Gaia in relation to this card has opened my eyes. The RWS deck depicts a figure surrounded by the Elements and directions, and I have always felt most comfortable invoking the Elements for guidance. The meanings of the card include fulfillment, working together, integrating different parts of yourself or a group to accomplish goals, experiencing or finding balance, and being connected to earth, others, the world, and spirit. The World is also related to Capricorn/Saturn, and I am a Capricorn; so my relationship to this card is inherently personal. I suddenly understood why I have been drawn to Gaia, I feel like this is confirmation that she has been calling to me! In the mythological tales of Gaia, her life was not easy; she was tested many times. She swallowed her own children, the Titans, in order to protect them, although it was painful to hold these giants within herself. Saturn is the planet associated with the Tarot card The World, and Saturn is a planet of testing and karma. Astrologically speaking, the tests brought upon us by Saturn are the ones that make us stronger, the lessons we learn under Saturn's influence are lessons we carry with us our whole lives, and possibly on to the next life as well. As a Capricorn, my planetary ruler is Saturn, and my life has been a seriesof lessons and challenges. Looking at Gaia in a realtionship to The World, Saturn, and Capricorn, I can see myself in Her, and Her in me, and I can no longer question my alignment to this Goddess.Along the way while I was doing my research, I found something that mentioned that one of the symbols for Gaia is a snake or serpent. Once again, I recieved confirmation that Gaia has been calling me!! I have always loved snakes, have had a few for pets over the years. I have a tattoo of a snake around my upper right arm. It is there to remind me that I was able to "shed the skin" so to speak, on my past mistakes and start a new. I have had my dark days with abuse, depression, and addiction, but I was able to walk away from that life and start again. I was able to create life out of Chaos. Gaia was born or "formed" of Chaos, and she created life and happiness; built upon the stability and structure of her own being.

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