Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekly Housewife's Report 6/26/09

Before and After Pics of my bedroom cleaning;

Okay, yes, I'm a dork. Because I'm so excited about my clean house! Can you blame me? I've been living in clutter for so long that when I take these steps, I want to show the world!! So, for my own bragging rights, and to keep me on task, each Friday I will write a weekly cleaning report and let you know how it's going. Because I can!! Perhaps you will be motivated too. Or not. But you can give me a pat on the back if you want.

This week:
I am really FLYing with the FlyLady program, with the help of my "Motivated Mommas" at CafeMom. I revamped my control journal and now have a binder with my routines and motivational stuff right by my computer. I also posted my daily routines here on my blog.

Each Day this week I have done my Daily Routines and kept my house clean, the dishes done, and the sink shining!!! I have done laundry every day and put it all away, and today I even ironed all my work shirts!! This morning's temptation to be lazy has been overcome, and I feel soo accomplished!!
This week's "Zone" has been the Master Bedroom; I have been decluttering a little each day - my computer desk is clean, the floor is picked up, the laundry is sorted, and one of the bookshelves is back in order again. I even finished it off with smudging with sage and clearing the energy with a bell and some prayer. It feels and looks soooo awesome in here!! (As you can see from the pictures above) I know I can keep it this way if I stick with my daily and weekly routines!!!

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