Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sibling Wars

I am really not feeling very "with it" today. My bed is still made and I'm not dressed yet and I would just love to crawl back in those blankets and let sleep take me. My back hurts and my brain refuses to function. This is the kind of sleep deprivation one gets when laying awake all night listening to the coughing and wheezing of an asthmatic three-year old with a cold.

The Xan-Man is feeling down in the dumps. Stuffy nose and cough which make his asthma act up. Sometime today I will probably have to pull out the nebulizer and give him a breathing treatment. Which is always a Battle-Royale. If only I could explain to him that this noisy machine with tubes and face mask are for his own good. So far the only things I have found that can inspire his rationality are Spider-Man and Spongebob; and I don't see either of them using nebulizers and getting breathing treatments.

I can't go back to bed because my household is the current battle ground of Sibling-Wars. With no school and not much to do, the young jedi's are highly susceptible to the powers of the Dark Side. I have come to realize that my 10 yr. old and 5 yr. old girls are potentially the next Sith Lord and Apprentice, and I must be constantly vigilant; watching for angry outbursts between them that may result in injury, screaming,and crying. When these battles take place they try to use their Jedi-Mind Tricks on me, assuring me of their innocence, and promising that it was "The other sister's fault."

My brain is so tired.

I might be able to get myself up and moving; to start on my daily routine and immerse myself in Household chores. The call of my bed is strong. The call of the internet is strong too. I must be stronger. "There is no Try, only Do" .....

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  1. Seriously Wendy....I love reading your stuff! I was cracking up reading this!