Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Moon Meditation - I'm gonna quit smoking! From The "New Moon & High Priestess" Journal

Journal Part 2;
Check out this excellent Meditation by astrologer Rebecca Brents. Take some quiet time to visualize as suggested. The second part of the meditation tells you to write down what you heard, felt, saw, or learned from your meditation. Don't censor or edit your words, just write down what you remember of your experience.

So last night after putting the kids to bed and washing the dishes I decided to do some visualization meditation and try out this one from the link above. But I had already turned my computer off, and I didn't record it on paper like I should have; I know, I know, Bad Tarot Mom!

Here's what I remember.
I visualized walking on the beach. It was dusk, or twilight, It was still light outside and still warm. The thin crescent moon was rising up above the horizon of the ocean. I could hear the water gently flowing back and forth from the beach and I could feel the warm sand between my toes. I let myself just enjoy visualizing the beach and feeling the ocean breeze.
I looked up the beach a ways and saw a cloaked figure sitting between two stone pillars. I walked towards her - it was The High Priestess. She was gazing thoughtfully at the moon and her eyes met mine as I walked towards her. She didn't speak or smile, but her gaze was no hostile either. I walked a little bit closer and she shifted herself on her seat. When she did this a couple of the stones at her feet shifted and one of them came tumbling down the slope and landed at my feet. I picked it up. Moonstone. Smooth, opaque, translucent white with shimmering purple and green. I looked back up the where the High Priestess had been, but she was gone; along with the two stone pillars and the stone upon which she had been seated. So I knew the stone was my gift, not only from the High Priestess, but from the Moon. I walked further along the beach, watching the waves. I took the stone out of my pocket and looked at it. When I did this the scenery shifted, it was like I was dreaming. I saw myself, not on the beach but somewhere else. Coughing and Hacking and looking very sick. Then I was back on the beach holding the moonstone in my hand. I knew what it meant, but I was still surprised that my meditation had taken this sudden turn. I found it very hard to continue my visualization so I came back down to earth and thought about it for awhile.

I have been thinking about quitting smoking for awhile now. Pretty much every time I light up a smoke I think about quitting. I wouldn't say I'm a heavy smoker. I can goal day at work without a cigarette. I have quit before (when I was pregnant) and I don't know why I ever started again. I think I've reached the point when I'm willing to quit for ME and maybe that will make the difference. In the past I quit for my babies; because I was pregnant and wanted to quit for THEM. But now I want to quit for ME. Yes my babies, of course will benefit from it too, but this time my reasons are personal. I know that my subconscious has been trying to get me to quit for awhile but my stubborn ego has not been willing to let go. I think last night's meditation made it all too clear and I can no longer deny that this is what I'm going to do.

Today I smoked a lot less than usual. Each time I smoked, I only smoked half a cig. rather than the whole thing, plus I smoked less frequently. I bought a pack of nicorette gum. I joined a quit smoking support group on CafeMom. I don't have a real game plan yet but I am taking steps and it feels right.

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