Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekly Flightplan; 10 of Pentacles

My Goals for this week;

Continue with Quit Smoking plan & program.

Drink more water, Detox.

Get up by 7 am daily, bed by 10 pm nightly.

Keep following my control journal / daily routine.

Zone of the Week - Livingroom

Study / read with kids daily

Make routines or charts for the kids

Work more on my Control Journal

Take time daily to meditate & pray

Start planning Princess A's B-Day party

So, for the coming week I have a few immediate goals in mind. Obviously, first and foremost, I want to continue with Quitting smoking! So far I feel like I am doing really great, I am aware of my cravings but controlling them and teaching myself new things to do with my time. I would like to get the kids more settled into daily routines for morning and night so they will be prepared when school starts on Aug. 17th. So I want to work on charts or schedules for them, as well as working more on my physical control journal (it's a FlyLady thing, in case you're wondering)

I decided to draw a card for myself this week, and I got the 10 of Pentacles! I think it's a pretty positive card for this week, reminding me to stay positive, focus on what I have rather than what I want or lack, draw on the strength of my family, and remember my true values in life. The 10 of Pentacles relates to Tradition, Value, Affluence, Permanence, and Convention. As it might apply to my life right now it could represent feelings of security, being successful, having good fortune, creating a lasting foundation, thinking of the long-term outcome or goals, having order in family life, nailing down the plan or routine, continuing in known patterns, going by the rules, and following guidelines. ( think that in order for me to find the success and fortune that I want, I should continue along the path I have already started; continue following my daily routines and using FlyLady as a "guide" for helping me get organized at home, continue with the suggested use of the nicotine gum to help me quit smoking, and keep in mind my long term goals while being grateful for the wonderful things I already have.

I CAN achieve my goals! I CAN quit smoking! I CAN continue to get more organized, and I CAN help my children establish routines and get organized as well!! Just look at this card from the Housewives' Tarot; what more do I really want than a home life that I can be proud of?? I am so close!! I may not have the big house, but my home life can be orderly, healthy, and rich with Tradition and Value!

MONDAY - Weekly Home Blessing Day, Errand Day, Sour Cream Enchiladas
TUESDAY - Weekly Kitchen Blessing Day, Pampering Day, Breakfast for Dinner
WEDS. - Weekly Bathroom Blessing Day, Anti- Procrastination Day, Tacos
THURS. - Weekly Kid's Room Blessing Day,27 Thing Fling Day, Spaghetti
FRI. - Weekly Master Bedroom Blessing Day, Hot Spot Fire drill Day, Pizza

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