Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekly Housewife's Report 7/24/09

My Weekly Housewive's Report, July 19 - 24, 2009

Remember the beginning of the week, when I posted my Flightplan? I wanted to start going to bed a little earlier, getting up a little earlier, and having my main cleaning / chores done by lunch time? Well, I've had a pretty great start! I've gotten up 1 hour earlier than usual 3 out of 5 days this week, and those days have been amazing!! It seems like if I get up earlier, my brain is more ready to wake up, whereas if I sleep in an extra hour or more I become more groggy, and it is much harder to get movng! Who knew that this extra hour of sleep has been sabotaging my whole routine all along?!?! On the days I get up early I do tend to have my cleaning done by lunch time, leaving me free to spend my afternoons relaxing, playing with the kids, learning, or writing. I made some really amazing personal steps this week, including beginning the task of quitting smoking!! It really makes sense that while I was working on cleaning out some private, personal, inner issues, I was also working on the innermost sanctum of my home - my bedroom!

Here's one of my bookshelves before my decuttering began;
and here's what it looks like now;
Here's the top of my dresser before my decluttering;
And here it is now;
Ahhhh.... I could feel my spirits lifting as I cleared away this clutter. It made it so much easier to work on my inner personal stuff when my space was cleared!!
I even re-decorated my altar to welcome the Sun intothe sign of Leo and prepare for the upcoming Harvest celebration; Lammas -

I am really really excited about the progress I have made this week;

* Starting new habits- getting up earlier and getting my stuff done faster
* Releasing old habits - clearing the clutter and quitting smoking
* Making time for my spirituality - spending time in meditation and doing readings and journaling!


  1. Great job Wendy! I agree with you, getting up earlier & getting it all done is wonderful! I too find I usually feel much better if I just get up earlier. I have been getting up at 6:30 every day & now I am finding I dont even have to set my alarm to wake up...I am doing it on my own. You are doing great girl! Keep it up!

  2. I need to do some major decluttering as well.