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The Week Ahead ~ Tarot Reading

I decided to give myself a Tarot card reading. After some debate, since there are so many different spreads to use, I decided on a spread called "The Week Ahead" in which you draw 7 cards; one for each day of the week. Here's what I got and my thoughts on each card. It will be interesting to reflect on these cards and find how they apply to my life in the coming week.

*note - I started writing this blog Saturday night, didn't finish it, and am just now posting it, added a couple notes to the Sunday & Monday cards...

Card 1; Sunday - Two of Wands
Card 2; Monday - The High Priestess
Card 3; Tuesday - The Moon
Card 4; Wednesday - Six of Swords
Card 5; Thursday - The Magician
Card 6; Friday - The Sun
Card 7; Saturday - Four of Pentacles
Sum of The Digits - The Chariot

Initial Thoughts/Overview - Wow, four Major Arcana cards right off the bat! I tend to think of the Major Arcana as the cards representing your soul / spirit, while the Minor Arcana represent your physical life. Higher workings vs. lower workings, so to speak, though no cards are more important than the others in a reading, some can hold prominence or importance. The High Priestess, The Moon, The Magician, and The Sun seem to be saying that I may be working on some deep internal spiritual issues this week; facing and embracing parts of myself and my life that I haven't yet faced or embraced. The Sun card appearing towards the end of the week, along with The Chariot as my "Sum of The Digits" card seem to indicate that I will be happy and empowered by whatever outcome I reach through my inner wanderings. I also find it really interesting that there are very obvious pairs within this reading; The Magician & The High Priestess and The Sun & The Moon.... although they aren't next to eachother, their presence in the same reading indicates a powerful Yin-Yang/Masculine-Feminine/ Polarities working together in some way. And in the way these cards are paired together there also seems to be some connection; The High Priestess & The Moon = secrets, intuition, something hidden being revealed; The Magician & The Sun - Mastery of Energy, Power, Confidence. Hmmmmm..... although right now I can't see exactly what my life as a housewife might bring me that stirs the energy of such powerful archetypes and pairings, it nonetheless seems somehow important. Among the Minor Arcana cards in the reading, I have Wands, Swords, and Pentacles (one of each) but no Cups are present in the reading. Therefore I have Earth, Fire, and Air energies present, but no Water element, perhaps indicating that whatever I face this week will not deal with emotions, feelings, or my love life, but instead be focused in the realms of Mind, Action, and Body. Or, perhaps indicating that I will need to incorporate the missing water energy into my life?? Just a thought....

Indvidually- Card meanings from Joan Bunning's "Learning The Tarot (link below)(*affirmations are from the book "Tarot For Yourself" by Mary K. Greer)

Sunday / Two of Wands - Having the world in my hands, seeing the bigger picture, feeling empowered and in-control of my own energy and power. I will be working (waitressing) most of the day Sunday, and I think that this card indicates that I will definatley be feeling "In my element", in control, and original. This card also indicates being able to speak my mind and deal with any issues head-on. I find it interesting that among the "Related Cards" listed by Joan Bunning in her book and website, I have a few of these cards also appearing in my reading. Opposing card - The High Priestess - "being passive, staying in the background"
Reinforcing Cards - The Magician - "Personal power", The Sun - "Brilliance, vitality, greatness" and The Chariot - "personal power, command" All in all, a positive card for my day at work and also at home.
* Affirmation for the day; "I have the power of Choice."
** note (monday) Yesterday I actually had an IM converstation with someone I have been avoiding. Long story short - we used to be friends, but not any more. I did actually stand my ground and basically told her that I can forgive her, but I can't trust her. Don't know if she understood, but at least I stood my ground and spoke my mind. Oh yeah, and I definatley had a good day at work, too!! I just kept reminding myself that it was my choice to have a good day or not!

Monday / High Priestess - Listening to my intuition or inner voice, Seeking a deeper truth or an answer, feeling feminine, looking beyond the mundane, seeking spiritual truths, being innactive, passive, calm, or receptive.
* Affirmation for the day; "The answer I seek is within myself, awiting my question."
note (Monday) I haven't done any housework today, and I am more feeling like crawling back into bed and finishing reading "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows" - yep - seeking answers to a mystery. On a side note (TMI) - I got my monthly gift from Mother Nature today. Talk about dealing with some deep issues. During my monthly AF I have to deal with a part of myself that I don't like very much, I get so irritable and depressed. I think I have PMDD or whatever it's called. I just have to remember to take it easy. And yes, I am feeling rather reclusive. For example I still haven't finished writing this blog post yet!

Tuesday / The Moon - Dealing with cycles, facing fears, looking within, hidden secrets or enemies revealed, giving in to the "Shadow self", anxiety, being distracted, temporarily led astray, going on instincts, feeling lost, wandering aimlessly.
Opposing cards (that appear in this reading) The Sun - Hopefully this indicates that this shadow will not last long. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!
*Affirmation for the day; "I am impelled to move beyond my fears and insecurities, I am willing to walk the path to self knowledge through the unknown inner realms of myself."
** Side note - (Monday) - On Saturday when I drew this card, I had no idea how it would be presenting itself. Now that I have gotten my little gift from mother nature, I am pretty sure I know what it relates to. The first couple days are always the worst.

Wednesday / 6 of Swords - Having "The Blues", feeling down or apathetic, moving into a new state of consciousness, taking the lessons learned and moving forward, starting to cope, dealing with a trauma, feeling hope again, functioning, but not much more.
*Affirmation for the day; "I gain perspective on problems and issues by changing my direction and focus."
** I think that I would do best to continue to take it easy through wednesday, but I should begin to feel like myself again. Moving forward, regaining my motivation and momentum step by step. But I will have to be careful not to overdo it, or I could end up taking steps backward rather than forward. A change of focus or change of scenery might do me some good.

Thursday / The Magician - Taking action, acting consciously, Concentrating, experiencing power, being commited, applying willpower, using talents, understanding intentions, becoming energized, having vitality.
* Affirmation for the day; "I am a willing channel for the manifestation of Spirit in the world."
** This seems to fit. Usually by the 4th day of my "MoonFlow" I am beginning to feel better. As long as I don't push myself too hard in the days before Thursday, I should be ready by Thursday to pick up the pieces and really feel refreshed, motivated, and empowered again!

Friday / The Sun - Becoming enlightened, Experiencing greatness, feeling vitality, having assurane, being playful or joyful, being child-like, being confident, invigorated, realizing the truth, attaining new insights, understanding.
*Affirmation for the day; "I create warmth and light with my clarity and enthusiasm."
** Hopefully a definate change of tides. No wonder my husband thinks I'm crazy once a month, If I can go from the HP and the Moon, to The Magician and The Sun in one week's time!! No wonder I FEEL crazy during this time. It's black and white, from the depths to the peaks. And I'll probably go through it all again next month.

Saturday / Four of Pentacles - Penny-pinching, saving, getting my share, wanting to be in charge, imposing structure, declaring ownership, resisting change.
* Affirmation for the day; "I hold my power in my own hands; my security lies within."
** It's back to work for me on this day. Another day waitressing and trying to get tips to make ends meet. There are some bills due that I will need money to pay, and I will definatley be working on making ends meet, perhaps stressing over money and control issues. Looks like it's back to the norm for me....LOL

Sum of the Digits / The Chariot- when you add together all the numbers of the cards in a reading and reduce it down to a smaller number, this represents your Sum-of-the-Digits card. This is often seen as the "Outcome Card" or the "Advice" card. Victory, Will, Self-Assertion, Hard Control, Determination, reaching a goal, asserting your will, having faith in yourself, mastering emotions, maintaining discipline, holding in or controling anger.
*Affirmation for the week; "By harnessing all my forces toward my purpose and controlling my fears, I victoriously meet my challenges."
** Even though I am obviously having a rough week (because of AF), I need to remember to maintain a level of control over my emotions, apply my power and self-discipline when and where I can, and have confidence in myself and my abilities to deal with this.

Joan Bunning's Learning the Tarot Website
"Tarot For Yourself" by Mary K. Greer

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