Thursday, July 2, 2009

remembering to take time for myself...

I am usually the one giving my friends advice. I don't know why - it's just always been a part of who I am, I can easily see things from another's perspective and offer my opinion in a non-invasive and non-judgmental kind of way. I guess this is why I love giving Tarot Card readings for others. But I know, that when it comes to myself; as a mom, a friend, and a spiritualist or tarot reader, I am often the last to follow my own advice. Funny how it works out like that.

Here I am today, as usual, stuck at home with the three kids. When I woke up; I felt like I could conquer the world. My housweork today was going to fly by, I was going to get so much done, plus have time to enjoy with the kids and do whatever else I wanted. And flitting around my house like some derranged house-fairy with no direction; I have been working, but not getting anything done!!

Okay, cards, give me some inspiration, some motivation!!

Hmmm. This isn't exactly the motivation I was seeking. The Four of Swords from the Housewives' Tarot shows our heroic housewife.... at the beach giving herself a makeover? Well, how is that supposed to help me get my list done for the day?
I went back to attempting to do my cleaning, with one distraction after another. Kids. Phone. Cat. Door. IM. uhg.... why can't I stay focused??? (Other than my ADD.) After lunch I went to take out the trash. The sprnklers were on. Without hesitating, I called the kids outside and we all went running thru the sprinklers, getting soaking wet and laughing, chasing eachother, and playing in the warm sun.
Later I came inside, feeling refreshed and thinking, maybe now I can get something done! But I didn't go back to my cleaning. I sat here, looking at this card, and thought - maybe it's right. Maybe I just need a day to relax and pamper myself. Some quiet time, meditation, a makeover, or just some time to play.
Too often I forget to take care of myself. As a mom, I know we can get caught up in taking care of everyone else....he kids, the pets, the laundry, the dishes, what's for dinner? When is there time to STOP and take care of ourselves, really let ourselves become rejuvanated and recharge our batteries? The main meanings of this card from the classic Rider-Waite Deck are; Resting, Preparing, Contmplating, Reviewing, Stepping Back, and Coming to Terms with What is. (Click here for a more complete list) Too often we wait until we reach the point of being burned-out and totally overwhelmed before we give ourselves permission to relax. Even FlyLady - the cleaning / organizing queen, prompts us - no urges us - to spend time daily or weekly pampering ourselves to prevent burn out, and I think that's exactly my lesson for today. I can allow myself to take a break, have a quiet afternoon and watch tv or read a book.
Besides, since I've been doing a little (or a lot) every day, I'm not really behind. As long as I do my evening routine before bed, no one will know the difference.....

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  1. Great advice...thnx for reminding me to slow down every now and then.