Friday, July 10, 2009

Taurus Necklace

The girls were bored today and kept fighting with eachother. So I got out the bead box and sat them both at the kitchen table to make necklaces. I had cleaning to be doing, but the lure of doing something artsy was much stronger, I have been neglecting my creative flow (other than blogging) So I decided to make a neckalce too. I began searching through my beads, and I found a couple little astrological pendants, one of them was a little Bull representing Taurus. My best friend is a Taurus, and I thought it would be cool to make her a "just because" present;
Not only does it have the little Bull, but I also managed to get the Taurus symbol worked into the necklace as well, can you see it? The circle with horns...
I included lots of green, because Taurus is an Earth Sign, so the green is there to represent Earth / Grounding / Stability. (Also, it's one of her favorite colors) There are two hematite beads right above the Bull to add some more of that grounding energy. I also added some Sodalite beads (The blue with white marbling). Sodalite helps balance the Throat Chakra, and aid in positive communication skills, being able to hear the truth, and being able to speak your own truth with Love and Clarity. I infused the string with Jasmine Essential Oil for Peace and Love, and blessedthe necklace with a smudging of Sage for a final touch. Just wanted to share!


  1. Very pretty, and it kept the girls entertained. My oldest loves making stuff like that. We have a store that you can go and make whatever you want. They have a backroom set up with tons of beads and charms. We have girl day and go do that. Normally spend way more then I want but she loves it so much. End up doing it like twice a year. I should just invest in a bead box...
    Have a great day!

  2. That is adorable and what a great way to keep kids occupied and engaged.

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    Mimi Lenox

  3. Wow! The necklace is beautiful! Just beautiful. I wish was as intuned with my sign as I should be. hmm.. I added you to my blogroll as promised as well. Great blog.