Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday's 13 - Potty Mouth

Thirteen things I have yelled or shouted from the toilet seat, butt-naked!! No, I honestly do not get moment's peae, not even to use the bathroom! The joys of having three kids!!

  1. QUIT banging on the door!
  2. No! Stay Out, I'm busy!
  3. Go away! I'm peeing!!
  4. WHAT was that noise?
  6. Leave the Cat Alone!!
  7. You'll just have to wait I am busy!!
  8. No, I don't know where your sippy cup is!!
  9. WHY are you crying?
  10. DON'T answer that phone!
  11. No, I'm NOT running you a bath! I'm going POTTY!
  12. Where is all the toilet paper. AGAIN??
  13. If ya'll don't knock it off, I'm saying in here FORVER!!

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  1. OMG that is so funny! I can totally relate to feeling like I never get even a moment. Never.

  2. ha ha i loved your saying!!! As a preschool teacher i say some crazy stuff through out the day too!!!

    The program i am doing is off of a movie called Fireproof...there is a oook that goes along with called LOVE DARES...I have to say ....i think it is making me think more about the way i act...i like it!

  3. LMBO...hmm..yes, we mothers do yell many things from the potty don't we? Amazing that we cannot even find peace in the most sacred room in the house...seriously...I have no desire to be anywhere near the bathroom when anyone in my house is in there doing their thing...but for some reason my kids think it's ok to just start talking to me through the door or asking me if they can go HELLO wait until I am done doing my business...PLEASE!!! Totally cracked me up!!