Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekly Housewife's Report 7/10/09

It's time for the Weekly Housewife's Report!! Sooo.... what did I do this week?

Well, I am proud to say that I have done a pretty good job with my routines this week. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this!! I managed to stay on top of the little things and keep the clutter to a minimum, plus I woke up to a SHINY SINK every morning!! (Do you know what that means? It means I did the dishes every night before bed!!) No more procrastinatoritis for me!! I even managed to get the kids to help me in picking up their room, a little at a time, each day. Miracle of Holy Miracles - it's Friday night and the kid's bedroom isn't trashed!! I mean, it's not spotless and tidy, but I can see the floor!!

This week's 'Zone' was the Kitchen. (It's a FlyLady thing.. look it up) So other than my normal dishes and laundry and clutter controlling, I was giving some extra attention to the room that used to be the bane of my existance; The Kitchen. I mean, I don't like to cook, I hate washing dishes, I used to avoid this room like the plague! So anyways, it's looking pretty good now. I re-organized the bookshelf, scrubbed down the countertops, cleaned out both refridgerators, and organized the tops of the refridgerators too!! Plus, since earlier this week I actually made a menu plan and had a grocery list for responsible shopping, I had every days' meals planned out and we made it thru the week and still have food left!

So, here's some evidence of this week's Zone work; my Before & After pics of my refridgerator. Look if you dare, just don't show my mother the "Before" picture, it's rather embarrasing!

Uhhh... where did all the food go? Turns out my fridge wasn't full at all... not with food anyways. Remember the Weird Al Yancovich song "Livin' In The Fridge"? 'nuff said....
Anyways, the thing I am most proud of is that even though my house is clean, I DIDN'T spend my entire week cleaning!! Nope, not I!! I still had plenty of time for blogging, social networking, Tarot stuff, playing with the kids, watching a movie, being crafty ----

and even some refreshing silliness in the sun and water!

** Contented Sigh **
I love my Housewife's Life!!!

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  1. Great job Wendy! You are inspiring! I have managed to keep on track this week too & boy oh boy, when you schedule things out & stick to it, it's amazing how much you can accomplish & how much easier life seems! fridge looked like that earlier this week too! I try to clean it out once a week but you know...some weeks...LOL! You are doing awesome! Cute pics of the kids btw!!! Makes me want to go swimming right now! LOL!