Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating Independence! Happy 4th of July!

Wishing You All a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!!!

I wanted to write something about our independence and freedom. Last year around this time I was studying the cards and their relation to astrology. The Chariot is the card associated with the Astrological sign of Cancer - The Crab. Cancer personalities tend to be strong in the sense that they hold onto their thoughts, ideas, and feelings with the unrelenting tenacity of a King Crab. Every year, while the sun is in Cancer, America celebrates it's Independence Day on the 4th of July.... celebrating our time in history when people took a stand for what they believed in and held fast to their dreams until those dreams became a reality; a sovereign nation.

I think The Chariot is a great card to study for Independence Day. I mean it's all about Choice, and it is our freedom of Choice which makes this a great country. It is our Freedom of Choice that we must fight to hold onto, at all costs.

Whether it be Freedom of Religion, Political Party, sexual preferance, how we raise our kids, or how we eat, it is the Freedom to CHOOSE our own way that makes us truly free!
Key Words for the Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

Cancer Key Characteristics;Sensitive, Nurturing, Intuitive, Traditional, Dependent, Aquisitive, Tenacious, Self-Indulgent, Comfort Loving. Driven by emotions or strong feelings.

Cancer is Ruled by the Moon, therefore The Chariot is linked to The High Priestess, which is the card related to the Moon.

Moon Key Characteristics;Feeling-Orientated, Unconscious/Subconsious, Instinctive, Moody, Mothering, Nurturing, Reactive, Changeable, Reactive, Secretive

here is an interesting website describing the relation between Cancer & the Chariot;

from the book; "The Everything Tarot Book" by M.J. Abadie;" The Chariot is related to the sign of Cancer, which symbolizes the sheer tenacity of the life force. It's image, the Crab, is known for the ability to hold on, just as the Charioteer holds firmly to his steeds. Cancer is the first water sign, and it represents relatedness, whether with others or with the opposing forces within one's self. Cancer represents the process of the growth of the soul through the sustaining efforts of the life forces, which are by nature dual. Thus, Cancer's primary characteristic is Tenacity. The Crab is known to never let go. Also representative of motherhood and family, Cancer is an extremely powerful sign, for the pulsating life force within it is extremely strong. Cancer's relation to the moon and the High Priestess identifies this connection to The Great Mother and the strong inner force represented by this energy."More on Cancer can be found here; here;


  1. Very cool post Wendy! Thanks for sharing the info on Tarot cards too!

  2. As always, I am never disappointed. That has made me look at my own life and how things are changing for me and how I've begun to find my own independence. You rock!