Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekly Housewife's Report 7/03/09

I meant to make this post on Friday, but I forgot, so I went ahead and dated it for last Friday (July 3)

I did pretty good last week in sticking to my routines, but I also had to stop and remind myself to spend time doing fun things with the family as well, and to take time to meditate and take time for myself. I am sure I would have found myself burned out if I hadn't meditated, ran in the sprinklers with the kids, made brownies, read a book, and gone to the movie with some friends (Although that is another story, I'll make a new post with my thoughts on that movie later.

Anyways, last week's FlyLady Zone was the Livingroom, so I did some decluttering and my livingroom is looking and feeling much better. Here's a picture of one part of the livingroom that needed my attention, this is the BEFORE pic;
And here's the AFTER pic;
WOW!! What a difference!! It took alot of flinging, filled up a bag of trash, and had to organize things. But now the kid's coloring books, books, workbooks, and art supplies are much more organized, which should help motivate us all do do some more summer studying, reading, and art!

I had to take another pic with a wider view. This is how my livingroom looks when it is organized and decluttered, and I will try to keep it this way!!
Once again, a round of applause and patting myself on the back, hoping to keep myself motivated, and possibly helping to motivate other mommies who may read my blog! A big thanks again to FlyLady and my online cleaning buddies at Fluttering Flybabies on CafeMom!!

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  1. Awesome job sticking to your routines, taking time out for yourself & the kids and decluttering! You are doing great! You are an inspiration! Keep up the awesome work girl!!!!